Need Help with Skate Fitting? Follow these Tips from our Customer Service Department.

Need Help with Skate Fitting? Follow these Tips from our Customer Service Department.

Brendan here, your customer service and equipment fitting specialist from I have been working in hockey retail for over 10 years and there is one piece of equipment that is not only the most essential to fit correctly but the most difficult. Hockey Skates. Hockey skates are a players greatest tool. They get you to the areas you need to be. A good fitting skate can give you the confidence and the consistency to play your greatest game. I'm going to give you the breakdown on how skates should be purchased and fitted.

First off hockey skates are sized by number as small as youth 6 up to a senior 12* (anything larger then 12 is most likely going to need a custom sized skate from the manufacturer which we can order for you.)

Youth - y6 ,y7 ,y8 ,y9 ,y10 ,y11 ,y12 ,y13
Junior - 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ,5 (Sometimes available in 1/2 Sizes depending on Price Level)
Senior - 6 ,7 ,8 ,9 ,10 ,11 ,12 (Usually available in 1/2 Sizes, lower price points sometimes only come in senior full sizes)

This is the line of sizing you need to focus on when choosing a skate. The "youth", "junior" and "senior" only signify price points that vary based on size of the boot and the blade holder.


Be aware going by your shoe size isn't the right way to go. Your shoe size is not your skate size. You can however use your shoe size as a guide.

You should be dropping 1-1.5 sizes down from your mens shoe size for boys and men.

You should be dropping 2-2.5 sizes down from your MENS shoe size for girls and women.

I suggest getting an accurate foot measurement before making your decision.

Now lets talk about trying them on once you get them.

At we offer free returns, so try the skates on and make sure they fit! if not no big deal we can get you the one you need. (we even offer 30 day trials of select CCM skates)

A good test is to see what kind of room you are looking at. Be sure to make the laces loose enough to get your foot in the skate without jamming them in. Alot of people don't loosen the laces, try to squeeze their foot in and go no further. Once your foot is in with the hard plastic toe cap you can't do the "wiggle your toe trick" so instead you measure the heel space.

Push your toes as far forward into the skate as they can go, then bend your knee forward. stick a finger in the empty space between your heel and the back of the skate.. a perfect fit is one finger worth of room.

After this test you are going to want to lace up both skates and take a walk..on the carpet. Tie them the way you would to skate, no need to crank down on the laces unless you like them like that. Take a few steps and see if your heel is locked in. if the heel doesn't move that's the type of fit you are trying to feel for.

Use this guide to properly fit your most important piece of equipment, we understand that there are many aspects to skate fitting, but following these general rules will help to make sure you've not only found the right model, but the right fit.

As always, we have all the options and sizes for less so if you have questions we are always here!

About Brendan - Brendan comes from a legendary hockey family. His Grandfather Normand "Bill" Belisle was inducted into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame as part of the 2016-17 Class as the winningest coach in High School Hockey History. His Father David has been the Coach of Mount Saint Charles Academy since 1980 producing former NHL Players like Garth Snow, Bryan Berard, Mathieu Schneider, Brian Boucher and the first American player ever taken number one overall in the NHL Draft Brian Lawton. He has three brothers Brian, James and John all of who, along with Brendan himself have played or play at "The Mount".

Jan 8th 2019 Brendan B.

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