Inline & Roller Hockey

Inline & Roller Hockey

No ice, no problem. While most Roller Hockey Protective Gear (except for inline hockey pants) crosses over from the Cold Rink to the Warm Rink and we carry all those big hockey brands that's already easily covered. What you need is Skates, and we have the latest, best looking and most reviewed Inline Hockey Skates out there, from hockey names you trust like Bauer to classic "Retro" Roller Hockey names like Mission. A perfect inline skate is all about being lightweight from boot to chassis, a great HiLo setup with the right wheel hardness (durometer) for the surface you spend your time on, be it sportcourt, pavement or the tennis court & of course a look as unique as the player him or herself.

Flashy? Try the Mission Inhaler FZ-5. Looking for a more traditional boot? How about the Bauer RS or the CCM T5R52. For casual players looking to help hone their shooting skills in the summer we carry lower priced sticks perfect for tearing up the hard surfaces (durable materials like ABS) and a variety of inline pucks and balls.

Just need wheels to start fresh? We have Wheels for the Street or Court from Bauer, and coming soon Labeda, the legendary Roller Wheel Brand. Don't forget Bearings built for speed in a variety of Ratings (see terms below)

Some important terms to know when it comes to roller:

HiLo - A wheel setup consisting of different wheel sizes usually smaller in the front and larger in the back. The basic idea being that the smaller wheel provides more maneuverability and the larger wheel provides more push for speed. 

Abec Rating - Used to rate bearings which fit inside the wheel hub, the spacers which come with your wheels allows the nut and bolt to keep the wheel on your chassis and rotate properly. The higher number the more speed (faster circular motion) the bearing provides. This being said SWISS is always the highest rated Bearing.

Wheel Rotation - When your wheels start to wear down, it's wise to rotate them. This also provides a great opportunity to clean your bearings. While there are industry recommended sprays for this, most players have their own preference. For example the writer uses Q-Tips and rubbing alcohol. Just be careful to dry everything or you may find yourself on your you know what.

So get rolling hockey players. With Inline Skates from there truly is no off season!