Field Hockey Sticks

Field Hockey Sticks


We have picked the brains of professionals at all the major stick companies for pointers on how we can help Players find the best sized FH Sticks for their size and style. The folks at companies like Brine, TK, DITA, and STX are passionate about the sport and passing on this information is vital to them in growing the sport they love. Field Hockey Sticks are one of the most commonly miss-sized pieces of gear, as novice players search for a left handed sticks (which don't exist) and a longer stick (We hear "She's a tall girl" a lot). Remember 36.5" is the most common stick for all players over 5'4 all the way up to International players 6'2 and over. A shorter stick offers more control. Remember this saying, "It's not the wand it's the wizard!"

The Professionals we spoke with are emphatic about impressing to players that a longer stick is NOT better. That European players who are 6'4 use 36.5"  sticks for increased ball control and yes, you can still be a heavy hitter, it's all in the stance. 38" Sticks are generally used by players from 5'10 and up who like a longer stick.

The old "under the arm" measuring system isn't as effective these days. We suggest a "Stick Personality Quiz" to help you find the right like this one from our friends at DITA USA. Are you a heavy hitter? a smooth playmaker? a defensive wall? 

For all you lefty Novice players, please remember, there is no such thing as a left handed Field Hockey sticks. Field requires all players to use right handed sticks even those of you who are naturally left-handed. It can be a challenge, but you'll get it!