We get excited about Swimming! 71% of the Earth is covered with water so it only makes sense that when you're not off playing some sport or another there's a fair chance you're somewhere around H2O. Whether you're vacationing, exercising, rehabbing or competing we have the Swimming eyewear and headwear for your time in the drink. A variety of Styles and Colors are arriving all year long from Leader, a Division of HilcoVision Outdoor, producing a high quality line of Goggles, Snorkels, Swim Caps, Swim Accessories and more for your love of liquid be it Ocean, Lake or Pool.  

Choose from Women's Specific Fit, Youth 7+ and Kids age 3-6 Sizes as well as Adult Model Goggles in both Regular and Narrow head fits in a  variety of attractive Colors and Designs. Different Strap Configurations and Lense Tints give you just the look and performance you need from your adult and youth swim goggles for the High School Pool or Great Outdoors.

Snorkel Combo Masks (those cool looking one piece models that do not require you to place the breather in your mouth and provide a wide field of vision.), Standard Snorkels & Snorkel Packages (Flippers included!) are all arriving shortly with neat added features like a GoPro attachment topside on the one piece Snorkel Mask to capture all of your underwater adventures. 

Top all that off with an assortment of Pool Caps to cover and keep the hair out of your eyes, protect it from chlorinated water, keep the sun off your dome, or in our case to help reach maximum aqua-dynamics. 

Find some of Leader's most popular looks here, like the Castaway, Omega, Relay and Victory Goggle Models all at our famous low prices. Be sure to dive deep into our Swim Team Equipment for all of your H2O activities above and below here at