Field Hockey

Field Hockey

An unrivaled selection of Field Hockey Sticks, Pads, Googles and Gear awaits you here at Whatever your style of play, you can Push, Dribble, Scoop and Flick with the best Sticks in the world from names like Grays, DITA, Cranbarry, TK, Gryphon, and STX. International Field Hockey Reputation available to you right here in the USA, without the rich price tag. Hit with the same sticks as world class players like Team USA's Kat Sharkey, Kayla Bashore-Smedley and Nicola White or find just the right model stick to launch your own career. The latest Stick Lightweight Composite Materials and technology all the way to wood. Gloves, Shinguards and Goggles from names like Cranbarry, Grays, Under Armour and STX provide industry leading protection no matter how big the bully! Goalies we have you covered (literally!) carrying the biggest name in Goalkeeping OBO, we bring you Masks, Kickers, Chest Protectors, Leg Pads, Blockers and Sticks all for less. Accessories like Stick Bags, Stick Overgrips, and even Mini-Stick Keychains. Need deals? We always have the best, including debeer gloves in a variety of sizes and colors for 70% Off.

There are a lot of common mistakes with sizing a field hockey sticks such as stick height (39" is to big for Sasquatch, no matter what your 1st year coach says) and left handed players (Field Hockey Sticks only come in Right..). Read some common misconceptions about Field Hockey Stick sizing here to help you with your choices.

Are you just starting out? We have great packages consisting of a Stick, Pads, a ball and a bag to carry it all in. For a little extra protection, we also offer packages that include FH Approved Eyewear from our collection of Field Hockey equipment and accessories.

Whether you're looking for the twin elephants of TK or just a jumbo from Grays, has the whole herd of approved Field Hockey equipment and accessories, and as always here at everysportforless, there's more to come.