STX Hammer 700 Senior Field Hockey Stick

STX Hammer 700 Senior Composite Field Hockey Stick

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STX Hammer 700 Senior Composite Field Hockey Stick

Model: Hammer 700

Model Number: FH 887 MX/37

Position: Power

Composition: 95% Carbon 5% Aramid

Bow: Standard 24mm

Toe: Maxi


Designed for the defensive player

Features Karakal and Encore technology

A thicker profile for increased durability

Encore Vibration Containing Technology

Helps minimize vibration for better stick feel

Encore increases comfort while playing and minimizes sting from your hands

Karakal  Technology

Best field hockey grip around

Tacky Texture

Allows players to focus more on the game without worrying about slippage

Nano Enhanced Resin System

The improved durability within carbon construction

Able to withstand vigorous strikes and ball impacts

Hammer Line Breakdown:

Everysportforless Says...

The STX Hammer 700 is one of the most advanced and preferred field hockey stick by defenders and power players. Carbon construction give you more power on your shot allowing you to shoot and clear with force. Extra grip gives you maximum control and feel.