CCM BNQ Hockey Goalie Throat Collar - Black

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CCM BNQ Hockey Goalie Throat Collar - Black

Model: BNQ Collar

Model Number: M103TCPROG

Color: Black

Sizes: Junior, Senior

Hockey Goalie Throat Collar


BNQ Certified

Sternum and Clavicle Protection

Soft Comfortable Neck Coverage

Mesh Shirt with Ballistic Nylon Coverage 

Everysportforless says...

The CCM BNQ Hockey Goalie Throat Collar offers excellent protection for a goaltender's throat and clavicle. The BNQ Throat Collar is made with a mesh shirt that has ballistic nylon coverage for added protection. The Padding underneath the throat is lightweight yet durable so your upper body mobility won't be restricted from the collar. This Collar is BNQ Certified which means that the collar is cut resistant so the collar will protect against sharp objects such as a blade of a skate. Overall, the CCM BNQ Hockey Goalie Throat Collar will help you stay protected so you can play at the highest level possible.

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