Bauer Mystery Mini Hockey Stick

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  • Bauer Mystery Mini Hockey Stick
  • Bauer Mystery Mini Hockey Stick


Bauer Mystery Mini Hockey Stick

Dexterity: Left Handed Shot or Right Handed Shot

How to choose the right Hockey Stick? – Hockey Repair Shop

Ideal for All Ages

1 Mini Composite Knee Hockey Hockey Stick - Random Color/Design


Each Stick Sold Separately - We cannot ship specific colors, these are picked at random. All designs or shown but price and order is per stick.

The new line of Bauer Mystery Mini Sticks have a surprise in store! Each stick is wrapped in an opaque sealed bag, which keeps the stick’s artwork hidden until opened. Unwrap one of five mystery designs with each package and try to collect them all. Knee hockey will never be the same!


Collect them all! Five different stick designs available:

Ultra Rare / Rare / Popular 1 / Popular 2 / Common




No Returns on this Item.


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